This game series will help you understand the concept of credit enabling you to make more responsible choices when you consider to save or borrow money. The mini-game 1 "Let’s do some profiling" introduces you to the concept of credit. By playing the game you will understand how the bank assesses a credible customer. Following this, the mini-game 2 "The essence of interest rates" presents the concept of interest rate and allow you to calculate the amount of interest you will end up paying for your financial decisions. The mini-game 3 "Interest rate and the magic of compounding" helps you to distinguish between simple and compound interest rates and their different impacts on your finances. Next in line, the mini-game 4 "Types of personal accounts" promotes the understanding of your individual financial needs and the types of loan that best suits different scenarios. Finally, the mini-game 5 "Do I use the debit card, or the credit card ... and what is the difference?" handles on the differences between debit and credit cards, to help you select the correct method of payment to the best effect of its qualities.

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