This game series will help you to learn the basics of financial planning to ensure and achieve your personal goals as a result of a smart money management. The mini game 1 "Financial Checkup" gives you the information to understand how to assess in your personal finances to start controlling your financial well-being. At the end you will get a financial health grade and some ideas for improving your financial well-being. Following this, the mini game 2 "Make Ends Meet" gives you a simple budget to plan and control your personal spending and begin to priorities’ within the constraints of limited resources. The mini game 3 "Rainy Day Fund" calculates how much you need to save for a rainy day, according to different variables and priorities, tells you the steps that you must follow to build your own Rainy Day Fund. Next in line, the mini game 4 "Nest Eggs" classify some expenses related to different personal goals (Study Abroad, House Renovation and Having a Baby) to find out how much you will need to save regularly to reach your goals in time and build a savings plan for each goal. Finally, the mini game 5 "Retirement Clock" calculate how much you need to save, overestimate how much you can safely withdraw each year from your nest eggs during retirement and see which financial areas you may need to brush up on before retirement.

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