The Euroinvestment project has one new result to share with you! This project, aimed to design, test and provide a game to reinforce the essential financial literacy skills of adults with few qualifications in areas such as compound interest and risk diversification, exploitation of vulnerability and influence on credit, savings and investments, among others, has finished the Strategic plan for financial education of low-skilled adults in Europe.

This document is the basis to the development of the Euroinvestment game: through the presentation and analysis of the European and National Frameworks in Financial Literacy, as well as the surveys and focus groups organised inside the project, conclusions about the main needs on low skilled adults were taken. A Financial Literacy Map was developed as a conclusion of the research developed, in which the several themes and topics are presented as well as its related objectives, divided into learning levels.

The full version is available in English, but a shorter version is available in all partners’ languages: Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan and Greek, as well as in English. Go to resources page and take a look.

Now, we are gathering efforts to develop the Euroinvestment game. Soon we will share some news!