Money Experience is a North American company that offers educational programmes for individuals at any age to strengthen their financial literacy, based in online simulators.

The company is made up of a group of educators, entrepreneurs, engineers, and financial experts motivated by the fact that far too many people are ill-equipped to make critical financial decisions. With communities of all ages facing increasing financial challenges, it’s more important than ever to understand how money works, and how to make it work for each us — no matter our ambitions or personal measures of success. With that in mind, Money Experience mission is to offer an effective and accessible financial literacy platform that helps users of all ages learn about money, plan their futures, and manage toward their goals.

The Money Experience personal finance program is a simulator and curriculum that helps teach the next generation how their life choices can impact their finances and quality of life. The platform aims to broaden the way financial decisions are understood among the next generation of adults by letting users test their assumptions about the future and see how their life choices impact their wealth and well-being. As it increases its presence across the region, Money Experience is setting the stage for the next generation to be armed with essential information to make educated decisions about their finances.

“The simulation and graphic novel made it a lot easier to digest the information and financial topics,” says John, Massachusetts-based college freshman. “This thing is probably the most advanced financial literacy that anyone my age will do, so it was definitely a really good way to get these topics started.”


As today's societies are facing changing employment landscapes, increasing health-care costs, and uncertainty about security in retirement, meaning that more than ever, people of all ages are responsible for guiding their own financial decisions and futures. As such, personal finance education should not be only for students in elective economics or math classes! Everybody needs it, because we all face financial decisions that have a profound impact on our lives and futures.