15 short-duration games aiming to improve adults’ financial literacy in topics such as "Money and Transactions", "Planning and Management" and "Risk and Credit", are now available targeting adults with low financial literacy levels.

The objective of the series of games is to allow adults to develop their financial literacy levels on the use of money in day-to-day transactions, on the use of different types of rates such as interest rates, exchange rates or discount rates on prices, understanding better what a family budget is and how can be efficiently managed, access to credit and the different options that may exist, how to save money over time and plan a reform or how to diversify an asset portfolio.

The mini-game "Play with interests", explores the concept of the an interest rate and how to calculate the interests to pay when buying goods and services to be paid by instalments in a given period of time. By playing this game, users will be more informed of the real cost to pay for a good or service acquired by instalments and adjust buying options to their budget and their current context of life. You can access the game here.

This game is included in the topic Money and Transitions aimed help the users in identifying and understanding business transactions using a discount, interest, taxes, and currency conversions.

Play the game and let us know what you think about it.