15 short-duration games aiming to improve adults’ financial literacy in topics such as "Money and Transactions", "Planning and Managing" and "Risk and Credit", are now available targeting adults with low financial literacy levels.

The aim of this series of games is to allow adults to develop their financial literacy levels on the basics of financial planning, on the use of a budget, on the control of their personal spending, on the importance of keeping track of personal finances to ensure our well-being, on the importance of saving and its planification or the importance of not living above the possibilities.

The mini game 3 "Retirement Clock" explores the understanding of how important is to make financial decisions thinking about the future and the importance of not borrowing heavily. By playing this game users will explore the concept of Career management and future financial decisions, making them aware of how many ways of preparing the future are possible. Furthermore, it draws attention to the fact that Retirement incomes depend on both personal and public contributions. You can access the game here.

This game is included in the topic Planning and Managing aimed help adults to earn the basics of financial planning to ensure and achieve their personal goals as a result of smart money management.

Play the game and let us know what you think about it.