On the 16th december, the Teams online platform became the “game board” of the “Together to learn and play” multiplier event in Portugal, under the EuroInvestment project, which was attended by more than 20 training professionals.

Trainers and technicians working with RVVC processes, adult education professionals, financial experts, among others, participated in the event aimed at games on digital literacy, which allowed to share and present the results of the project, namely the EuroInvestment Games and Support Guides to adults and trainers, in order to promote learning of concepts relevant to financial literacy through creative games.

Participants were very receptive and active in sharing knowledge and opinions on this topic, which was somewhat “out-of-the-box”. They suggested new contexts for the application of games, added value to the use of the game as a complementary tool to the resources used in the day-to-day teaching / training, and some strengths of this dynamic initiative.

At the end of the event, a challenge was proposed to the Professionals - to put the Financial Literacy Games into practice in their training or teaching contexts, and to assess their impact on the trainees / students…. The enthusiasm could not have been better!

Curious to be part of an innovative practice in the context of training? Access and play the Games here and explore the Guides here.

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