On December 14, the online platform Clickmeeting generated the gaming debate of the multiplier event “Together to learn and play” in Barcelona (Spain) within the framework of the Euroinvestment project, helded by IEF where 13 adult training professionals attended. Trainers, coordinators who work with adults, financial experts, members of public entities, among others participated in the event aimed at games on digital literacy, which allowed the results of the EuroInvestment Games and Adult Support Guides project to be shared and presented. Participants proposed new context and examples to improve and enhance the financial concept game. The proposals were so enriching that a harmony and a debate was created that seemed that we were the characters of the different games.

A day later, the TEAMS online platform this time became a game board where 6 adults with little financial knowledge from different socioeconomic backgrounds and of various ages played with them. The response was positive and some participants played the same game twice. Among the members there was a woman with a 66% hearing loss who affirms that she loved being able to understand concepts of her day to day through the game.

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